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LARBON® solid wood panels from Euroforest

Wood is a valuable resource and not just this. Wood is nature, wood is contemporary, wood is life and feeling. Wood has charisma and warmth. Thank these diverse properties wood is an expression of one's own lifestyle.

Since 2001 Euroforest has developed into the leading importer, specialist and range supplier for LARBON solid wood panels. We always keep in focus our own wish to be a fair and reliable partner to the timber trade on stock. For quick access we always have a defined assortment of approx. 2,500m³ hardwood panels 1-layer and 3-layer for the timber trade.

2,500m³ of hardwood panels in stock - not just on the paper

Goods available quickly - exact availability is shown online

Wide assortment of 1,300 different articles - big selection of many sizes

Cooperation with experienced specialists - expert knowledge

Reliable processing - piece-exact delivery - "no surprises"

Always up to date and clear prices - risk free for our customers

Quick "individual offers" - instead of general solutions

"Cut to size" dimensions by list available

Proven LARBON quality since many years!

In addition to the wholesale of glued wooden panels, we have been operating the largest technical wood drying center for hardwood and softwood lumber in southern Germany on the territory of 20,000 square meters with 8 fresh convection dryers and a steaming chamber since 2001 ..

We would be very pleased to welcome you to our company premises in the middle of the charming Steigerwald. Until then, we wish you an informative stay on our website.
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